Signet Art Goes to CVAD

Last week The University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD) held a seminar for students looking, or soon to be looking, for jobs in the Art World.  

Jobs in Visual Arts and Design: Panels and Workshops included four separate sessions, each with a panel of professionals from their respective field.  I was invited and asked to speak during the Creative Jobs in Art Institutions session from my capacity as an Art Consultant and as Vice President of Operations here at Signet Art.  As a UNT alum, I was delighted to be invited and happy to speak about what we do here at Signet Art.

On the panel with me were Consuelo Gutierrez and Kendal Smith-Lake. Consuelo is the Director of Membership and Programs at The Cedars Union; a non-profit in North Texas with the mission to ‘Provide studios and tools for creatives, foster a collaborative and supportive artist community, and advance the arts in North Texas.’  Kendal Smith-Lake is the Communications Manager at the Modern Museum in Fort Worth, one of the best museums in our state.

Each speaker gave a short presentation on how they got started in the art world, their journey to their current position, and a bit on what they do now.  As a panel, we then took questions moderated by Lauren Cross, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies at UNT, who organized the session.

It was a great experience and a lot of fun talking with students about what I get to do.  The Signet Art team will be back at CVAD later this month to speak during an Art and Business course on local art businesses in North Texas.

More to come on that later.

-M.P. Callender