Heckerling Institute


I spent the last several days in Florida at the Heckerling Institute for Estate Planning Professionals.   This conference has been a yearly event for over 50 years and draws most of the heavy hitters in the field.  The speakers are the best in the field and are lined up back to back. 

The vendor room was overflowing with auction houses, charities and service providers for estate planning attorneys.   Bank Trust Officers and Estate Attorneys are important clients for us.  So, much of the time was spent networking.  But there were also a few good information-packed lunch-and-learn sessions hosted by Chubb Insurance.   Laura Doyle (Chubb VP in Personal Risk Services) spoke on the state of the art market, the influx of new types of buyers, and how best to protect collectors’ art.  This involves looking at every aspect of the collection’s needs… proper display, security, appropriate pre-insurance valuation, collection management, transportation and storage, as well as appropriate levels of insurance.  

Laura Doyle with Chubb, presenting on collector's art needs

Laura Doyle with Chubb, presenting on collector's art needs

Kathryn Norris (Chubb VP –Family Practice Leader) spoke about the unique needs of family offices for high net worth families.   Both presentations were well attended and chock full of timely information.   With incredible January weather and the heady mix of attendees, this conference was a winner.