Ginger Fox Gallery

Ginger Fox Gallery has opened a second location in the Dallas Design District!  I always stop by their Bishop Arts location when I’m in the area to see what new paintings Ginger Fox has been working on.  I was in Dallas this week to meet with a client for an install and swung by the new Ginger Fox location on Dragon Street on my way back to the Signet Art office.

Ginger Fox’s work has always been original, contemporary work, and for a large portion of her career the work revolved around magical realism and hyperrealism.  However, in the recent years she has branched out and, with the liberty of owning and running her own gallery, produces work in many different genres, styles, and subject matters.

When you visit the gallery you can see works from all of Fox’s collections.  Her floral abstracts are thick and colorful, the highly textured paint reaching off the canvas at the viewer while colors drip and blur below the abstracted bouquet.  There is a whole series on water that is quiet and composed with reflective hues of blues and whites, which is a serene contrast to the hardedges and bold colors of her Curves and Line series.

Currently in the gallery alongside Fox’s works, are the Swatch Paintings by Dallas-based artist Jennifer Lashbrook.  Her approach to collage involves paint swatch paper arranged to create pixelated images.  

As her artist's statement says, “…from a distance, the colors blend to create a photo realistic quality, with the individual ‘pixels’ becoming more distinguishable the closer one views the art.”  The gallery carries limited edition prints and original works by Lashbrook.

Ginger Fox standing in the new gallery space!

Ginger Fox standing in the new gallery space!

Many congratulations to Ginger Fox Gallery on the second location!  If you haven’t been to the new gallery, make sure to stop by.  If you are unfamiliar with Ginger Fox’s work, you now have two galleries you can visit to check it out!

-M.P. Callender