Craighead Green Gallery

I was in Downtown Dallas this week heading back to the office after dropping off an appraisal report for a client and was able to catch the current show at Craighead Green Gallery.

I follow many of the artists Craighead Green represents, and knew Russ Connell had some new sculptures up.  I am big fan of Connell’s large geometric sculptures, and wanted to see the two other artists he was showing with.  If you don’t already know, Craighead Green is known for their three-artist exhibitions.

The current exhibition features the work of Russ Connell, Tom Hoitsma and Kendall Stallings

Russ Connell – Nice To Meet You

Connell is a relatively new artist to the Craighead Green lineup.  He is a sculptor who works in metal, welding and casting his works together piece by piece.   The larger works are my favorite by Connell, big bold pieces with hard edges done in solid colors – I particularly like the Corten Steel works.   Several pieces in the show were a collaboration with muralist Mick Burson, who added his aesthetic to the sculptures with bright and whimsical paint jobs.

This exhibition also featured several of his smaller works; these “Untitled” pieces are a wonderful combination of form in the round meeting bight neon colors.



Tom Hoitsma – Deconstructed Landscapes

This is Hoitsma’s first show at Craighead Green, and what a showing!  As an abstract expressionist Hoitsma’s work is a winning combination of scale, movement and, most of all, color. 


His stokes are broad and quick, giving the action-painting feel for the viewer; your eye moving with the application of paint and transition of color.  These were a delight to see for the first time, the layering of color in these large-scale paintings is really what works for them.  They are bold and fast in size and movement, while subtle and alluring with fantastic color combinations and layering.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 3.58.16 PM.png


Kendall Stallings – Dichotomy & Analogy

Stallings' realist paintings are, “an exploration of the off kilter.”  As his exhibition title suggests, these works are a dichotomy or subjects and places.   Figures are placed into extreme settings and landscapes with opposing or unusual objects.  A businessman in a suit contemplatively looking out to the water as he is stuck in a welded steel canoe tied between two trees, for example.


The whimsical and contrasting subject matter in these works is fun for the viewer, and the idea of man interacting with the normal, the everyday, and nature is evident, but what brings these works home is Stallings’ approach the canvas.  These paintings are very well executed with the patient hand and detail oriented eye found in great photorealism.


The show opened February 17th and will run until March 25th. 
Wonderful Show! Catch it while you can!

-M.P. Callender